Are you a #Girlboss? Be inspired by Sophia Amoruso to be a confident, successful business woman and don’t fear failure

Have you heard of Sophia Amoruso and #girlboss?

I only learnt about her recently but wow what a fireball and inspiration. The inspiration I think comes even more from her failure and how she has unflinchingly bounced back, which is way harder I think.

Let me give you some background on this inspirational female entrepreneur to bring you up to speed.

At the age of 22, Sophia started an ebay store called Nasty Gal. Sophia had been a school drop out and worked in many small mundane jobs but had a real passion for fashion. She had an eye for quality and colours and took her own photos with a small camera and paid her model with a burger.

This small ebay store which sold pre-loved vintage clothes for relatively premium prices gained a strong and loyal following quickly. From small beginnings she grew her team and premises to a 45,000 square metre distribution centre, gained some investment funding and grew to a US$300 million sales revenue business! Sophia wrote a great, honest book called #Girlboss, which I would highly recommend. It’s very real and wonderfully insightful.

Incredible, wouldn’t you agree?!

Well this tale does come with woes and she did have time to date and get married but unfortunately the empire collapsed and in 2016, Nasty Gal filed for bankruptcy.

It is a really interesting one when you look at this story but it really sheds some light on some lessons of business and setting the pace and foundations, otherwise it can get away from you.

The inspirational piece now is Sophia’s drive to not drown her sorrows and give up. As a true entrepreneur, she has now started Girlboss Media. As part of this she is now giving back to women and has launched the #Girlboss Foundation which has awarded more than US$120,000 in financial grants to women to help fund their passion projects. I think this is amazing, don’t you?

Sophia isn’t perfect, but neither are we ladies, and I find this story inspiring. It says to me a few things we can all take from this:

1.       Be passionate about what you love doing

2.       Go for it and back yourself

3.       Learn from your mistakes

4.       Never give up, find that inner resilience

5.       Give back to others, pay it back.

Now bouncing back from bankruptcy, Sophia has co-produced Girl Boss as a new series on Netflix. I watched it a few weeks ago and it is great.

I’ll finish up with a few inspirational quotes from Sophia. I hope you agree she is one inspiring lady! I’ve also attached a link below to her Girl Boss book as well if you want to buy it and be inspired too!

Sophia on her learnings and priorities for her new business:

“Coming to work with amazing women who understand that there is no right way, and that we are all learning together”.

“So the processes we put in place to get the work done, and the conversations we have around how we work together and how to make that better, is something that, if we start today, this can be a much better culture than the culture I built in my last company.

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I highly recommend getting a copy of #Girlboss and you will be truly inspired!

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  1. I love Sophia’s quote, “there is no right way”. My philosophy is, do what ever works for you!!