Hey ladies, what is your WHY? What inspires you?

Ok so how many times have we said it as kids growing up, or now our kids ask ‘but why?’
It is funny…well actually can be quite frustrating at the time as a parent when you get the repetitive ‘but why?’ to something you don’t feel needs explanation.

I was fortunate to attend a talk by Simon Sinek a few weeks ago on ‘The Power of Why?’. I wasn’t too sure what to expect but I quickly learnt the simple fact that the obvious things are often just taken for granted in our busy working days and really could save us so much time and help us to succeed so much faster!

The essence of this in my words is the fact that if people understand the fundamental reason (and truth!) for you wanting to head in a certain business direction, then they are much more likely to buy into the idea and you have a greater chance of them ‘hopping on the bus’ and joining you…than resisting the idea.

Sounds simple? Well it should be, but how often does this really happen? How many times do we get too busy at work to bring the group along the journey? I think we all just get too busy and don’t give the time this key principle….and I’m guilty of doing it too, so you’re not alone.

The downside of not being open and upfront about the reason of WHY behind an idea is the classic ‘fill in the gaps myself’ scenario. There have been so many times at work over the years where I have been told about a ‘change’ but not given the reason and word spreads around the business and before you know it ‘chinese whispers’ have turned it into a full story. Been there?

The quote from Simon Sinek I think sums it up well:
“When you think, act and communicate starting with Why, you can inspire others”

His talk really inspired me with his insight that:
‘Everyone has a Why. This is the purpose, cause or belief that inspires you’.

The other key fact is that everyone turns up to work for different reasons. People are driven by different factors, so why don’t we make an effort to find these out? People are so important so lets make an effort to spend more time to find out more about each other…and care.

From my own experiences and talking with many other hard working ladies, I have found women in particular can struggle more than men with being understood and appreciated in the workplace. I think we all need to support each other more.

Think about what your purpose in life is and what inspires you. I’m sure when you spend some time to think about it and share it with a friend or colleague, you will find a like-minded sister or brother out there. Then you can look out for each other!

What is my WHY?
I think I have known My WHY for a while but this Simon Sinek talk kicked me into action to finally launch 925Mum.
925Mum Purpose Statement:
To understand, support and inspire all working mums with simple tips, hacks, contacts, tools and a community to support her to achieve everything she wants to achieve both professionally and personally.

I hope by me sharing this, you too are inspired to think about this! Help me to share my purpose with other like minded women so we all can benefit from a great community of supporters. Please support my WHY and Like my 925Mum page and share my articles on 925mum.com

I’ve also included a link to where you can purchase Simon Sineks book if you are interested in reading more from this truly inspirational leader! Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

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Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action


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