What does ‘having it all’ mean to each of us as working women?

Does the term work-life balance make you cringe? Why do women need to apologise for being ambitious?

What does ‘Having it all’ mean for women?
What does ‘having it all’ mean? It feels quite empowering to think about it, and at the same time, unfortunately my brain moves to defensive mode of ‘why not?’

As an ambitious woman and mum of 2 great kids, if I say want to ‘have it all’, sometimes I have been judged quite harshly by others as the cold career mum.  Am I the only one who has been made to feel this way at some time?

I love that women today can have the choice to have a career, or not to, and either is fine, but at least there is increasingly a choice, unlike past generations who have forged the way for us.

The Work-Life Balance myth
What is work-life balance for women? This is always a topic I often ponder over. Is this possible, or does his term unfairly set us up for disappointment? I personally feel this ‘balance’ is a target we should never aim to achieve and we should do what makes us happy and what gives life meaning and enjoyment. It is different for all of us.

I recently read the new Mia Freedman book ‘Work Strife Balance’ and it was so refreshingly honest. I was so impressed at her vulnerability and honesty in her book, and think you would be too! Work Strife Balance.

Work Strife Balance

It is nice to see Mia openly talking about the concept of Work-Life Balance in her book,
‘I do it myself, ask other women about work-life balance. It’s only lately I’ve realised how destructive it a be and made a conscious effort to stop.’

How we get there is up to us. What the perfect life is, is up to the choices we make. I love this quote below from Mia Freedman as I think women can get as much out of life as we choose to….

‘Women are multi-taskers of supreme skill who have the capacity to spread ourselves surprisingly thin without disappearing altogether. Usually. This is our talent’.

What’s wrong with ambition for a female?
Why do women have to play down or apologise for their ambitions? Society seems to judge ambitious women negatively and perhaps as a threat. Why does a male not get viewed in the same light?

I found this refreshingly discussed in Mia’s book. She talks about the concept of women softening ambition with being ‘grateful’, ‘blessed’ and ‘thankful’ for being able to achieve their goals.

‘Women, however, eschew humility at great personal and sometimes professional cost. We must actively talk ourselves down if we wish to remain unthreatening and likeable not just to men but to other women.’

How can we embrace our self confidence ladies and make a positive change for our next generation to enjoy, and ultimately be proud and ambitious and not be judged? Mia sums it up well…
‘We must lift up other women and celebrate their successes and not demand they put themselves down or be coy and disingenuous to win social acceptance. Be proud, be loud. You earned it.’

What is feminism today?
I must say I have never really thought of myself as a feminist. I think sometimes this term can drive a wedge between genders, which is not the true end goal. I believe in equality and equal chance at jobs and opportunities in life and I believe you need to earn it fair and square.

Mia Freedman talks about herself as a feminist in her book, which I found a little confronting, but if her description of this is how we frame it then perhaps I have joined the feminist club too? Mia talks more about feminism being the right to have choices, to be financially independent and not dependent. That I can agree with.

I find the term ‘feminism’ quite polarising and perhaps this is how women before us have come to make progress for our generation now? Perhaps the term had to be a little controversial and thought provoking to get attention?

As a true marketer, I think it needs a new name and perhaps a relaunch. Any thoughts? Maybe it should be as simple as Girl Power?

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