What legacy will we leave future generations of women?

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Did our grandmothers have day care options and work?

Did our mums work full time?

Did your grandfather take parental leave?

Have you ever thought about how much our generation of women has benefited from the past generations who have improved life for us? I did not realise this until I had my 2 kids and starting finding this out.

My grandmother

Did you know my grandmother worked but when became engaged to be married she had to leave her job? Seems crazy to our generation but this actually happened and it wasn’t that long ago. This was only in the 1940s!

I remember having a conversation with my grandmother who asked me, when I was pregnant with my first child, if I could keep my job after I had the baby? I told her our job was kept for 12 months while I was on maternity leave. She exclaimed ‘isn’t that wonderful, I had to leave work!’.

My mum

My mum worked as a typist in a typing pool. When she was engaged and got married she became a house mum to bring up us kids. Mum said to me one day that I was so lucky to have day care so I could keep my job and keep working. This was only 40 years ago…not that long ago really! Things we all now take forgranted and are so lucky to have the option to choose!


Growing up I was very fortunate to go to an all girls high school and our motto was ‘Women in time will come to do much’. This has stayed with me even today and inspires me that if we support each other we can keep building the options and opportunities for our next generation and hope they will do the same for the next one and the next one!

I was also the first woman in our family to go to University. I am so thankful to mum and dad for supporting me and encouraging me to go to Uni. This opened my world up even further to learning and meeting people from all walks of life!

Millennials (Gen Y)

I’m already seeing changes in the workplace which millennials (Gen Y) are benefiting for more women pushing for change:

  • Now the 12 months maternity leave can be extended to 24 months.
  • Even the number of paid weeks of maternity has grown from 6 to 12 weeks.
  • Men can book in longer paternity leave
  • More part time return to work option are being made available

My daughter (Gen Z)

So, what will be the legacy will you and I help to leave for my daughter and our next generation?

I really want this trend of change to continue and hope that this 925mum community will be one way we can all keep this going by supporting each other and discussing the topics that can made a difference.

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