True friends are the elixir of life

It’s funny how some words are so perfect to describe things. When I chose elixir to describe friends it felt right and then I look it up and found this…

‘it is a clear, sweet flavoured liquid used for medicinal purposes’

How true is that? I love my friends and while some come and go over time we all need them to look after each other and to have fun!

I’m not sure if life is getting busier these days or if we choose to do more but everyone is so busy and we all need to be careful we prioritise and cherish our friendships as they do need nurturing or they get neglected. One of my hubby’s mates had depression not that long ago and the doctor actually asked him ‘how often do you catch up with your friends?’ This may sound like a funny thing for a GP to ask but I think a really important one….there are many things in life you can’t get from filling a script at the pharmacy. This made me really think about life and making more time for my friends. When we all catch up we laugh, we dance, we share some good vino (yummo) and we look out for each other. The key is booking in the next one before time slips away again.


As a result, hubby has now set up poker nights with the boys which I think is great (even if they stay up late and the poker table is directly under our bedroom!). I think girls are natural organisers and we love to frock up and go out. Guys are not the greatest, proactive organisers, so hats off to my hubby for doing this as this is really important for everyone and they all have a ball and look forward to the next one.


As a working mother, I find it hard sometimes to catch up with friends but, as girls love multi-tasking, I love catching up with my bestie every week and we do Pilates together. It is so nice to have a good chat before and after and as working mums we both experience the same issues and it is so nice to know someone else is in the same boat as me. Us mums can get overwhelmed and exhausted sometimes and a fellow mum is a great sounding board and can truly empathise and give you the energy to keep going. I’m so lucky to have such a good friend who I cherish. I hope you too have a fellow mum friend to spend time with and cherish those fun times and plan ahead for lots more catch ups…..we can never get enough of them!


I still ponder though how come we are all so busy and too busy to catch up more often. Is it simply priorities or do we let our kids’ lives (and their playdates) sometimes dictate our priority of spending time with our friends. I did read an article the other day that said that millennials focus more on keeping their own interests alive than gen x. Wonder if this is true ?

I now try to combine the 2, kids playdates and my playdates and when it comes together it is awesome. I had the best time with one of my girlfriends at my daughter’s birthday party last year. When my daughter and her friends were finished with the DJ and the music, my friend and I took over the dancefloor and the karaoke machine! This is what life is all about and it is so much fun. Thankfully only her daughter and my daughter were left and were jointly embarrassed at their mothers but oh well, who cares?


As you have probably worked out, life for me has to include music, singing and dancing. I find this so uplifting and energising and my kids now love it too! I am lucky to have a great open space in our living room and have now bought (on my favourite store ebay) a disco ball that sits on the floor and my latest treat for me is my new juke box, with its own lights and Bluetooth! My little boy loves turning off all the lights and turning the music up and we all have a boogie. So much fun (and good exercise too) and some great memories. Haven’t quite managed to get hubby into it yet but hey 3 out of 4 aint bad. Have you got your own nightclub at home? Highly recommend it ?

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