Run to clear your head and come up with new ideas, ladies!

Running has not been an obvious exercise activity for me.

 When I look at it now I would never have considered this only a few years ago as I hated athletics carnivals and cross country at school. I really didn’t enjoy swimming carnivals at school and it was probably more of a body image thing for me but I always signed up as a helper for the day as the thought of having swim in front of a grandstand of people was cringe worthy.

I tried my luck at netball but found that a bit catty with the nails-thing and the half time oranges in the ice-cream bucket was never that appealing!

In hindsight, I was probably more of an individual sport gal, I guess from the beginning and I have always loved my tennis. I do play doubles though, so it’s not all about me ?

I got my first taste of running when I joined a girlfriend for a group training session. I figured safety in numbers and at least I could catch up with my bestie at the same time. One of the weeks they would do a run for a few kms. I was scared at first but once I got into it it became a bit addictive. Now, I am not saying I am any super runner by any standard, in fact my run is probably someone else’s jog, but one thing I can say is that this is ‘my time’ and when I run this is often when I do my best thinking!

 As some background and encouragement, don’t feel like you have to run well or long distances to get the benefits. I started running up to the corner of my street and I was puffed. I then started running a bit slower and gradually increased my time out and distance. There is no hurry ladies, its only you against you!

 I’m telling you this because as a full time working mum with 2 great kids and a hubby, my world is probably as busy as yours and alone ‘me time’ is pretty rare. So, my routine is that before work I now (try) to get up at 6am every morning and go for a 30 – 40 minute run before the household wakes up. It so peaceful and I love having my headphones on with motivating music and I run around the local streets. A few crazy people like me are generally also out and about and usually dog walking as well.

 I have had some of my best and clearest ideas during my runs. Once I worked out we needed to knock down a few walls in our house to redesign the flow in the house, I’ve also sorted out a few work and family issues in my head, and I’ve listed in my head the items in the house the really need to go on gumtree! Now I can’t say hubby doesn’t get frustrated with my many (often hair brain) ideas that come from my running time, but we have actually actioned many of these. I also get home full of energy for the day, which I seem to need more and more of these days as life gets more demanding.

I’ve now actually signed up a few times now for the Blackmores 10km run. This would never have contemplated this a few years ago. It is a really nice sense of achievement and so nice when your kids and hubby come along and cheer for you from the sideline.

I have contemplated the 21km, half marathon, a few times but haven’t quite mustered the courage yet to take this on and I always seem to have work trips that mess up the training schedule but it is on my bucket list so I will tick it off and I will keep you guys posted!

Anyway I hope this blog on going for a run or considering running as an option may inspire some of you as a working mum as time is precious and so is your health so look after yourself and you will definitely get more out of life both personally and professionally!

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  1. I’m no runner but I do love my vigorous walks. It’s great for my mental health!

    1. Nice one! I love walking too…and the kids love to come along too and bring the dog 🙂

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