Are you game? 13 games for kids that will make you a super mum!

Looking for some inspiration for kids entertainment? Well you are in luck, I just held a focus group with my kids to help you out ?

We have list of 13 games with instructions for many occasions so lets get started..

For the car:

1.       Eye spy: This is an oldie but a goodie. It goes like this ‘eye spy with my little eye something beginning with (pick a letter)’. So the person who guesses it correctly gets to have the next go

2.       Spotto: This is a classic family game where everyone has to call out ‘spotto’ when they see a yellow car, truck etc….. There are several versions of this game including:

a.       Pinko – yes this is when you see a pink car

b.       Axel Ambulance – when you see an ambulance

c.       Pronto – when you see a police car…..oh, and also apply the brakes ?

d.       Sparx – when you see a fire engine

3.       20 questions: This is where one person thinks of an animal, person or character and they keep it a secret.  The other people playing have to ask the person 20 yes or no questions. After all questions have been asked then everyone gets a guess to win. Whoever guesses correctly gets the next go

Board Games and Puzzles:

1.       Jenga: You stack the wooden blocks up into a tower and then you have to take turns at sliding out the wooden blocks from the bottom and put back on the top without crashing the tower down. Can be noisy but fun! The good news is that this game is not expensive to buy. I found a range of them and you can click here to learn more Jenga


2.       The Logo Game: You have to buy this one but it is really fun. You have a colour piece each and one person reads out a question about well known brands and logos and you have to answer them. If you get it wrong, its like monopoly and it moves onto the next player. Check it out on this link The Logo Game or click the image below:

The Logo Game3.       Minion monopoly: The kids got this at Christmas and love it. Basically this is monopoly but the money is called banana bucks and you have to spin a banana minion and you move the number of squares as determined by where the banana lands and points to. When you buy a house you get a purple cupcake and when you get 2 matching colour houses you get an icecream sundae! What more could you ask for? ? Check out the link to find out more Minion Monopoly

Minion Monopoly

3.       And one of the latest crazes that all kids (and dads) love, the fidget spinner! These are pretty cool and easy to put in your handbag when you go out. I found an affordable one and have put the link  Omega Tri-Fidget Spinner With Premium Ceramic Bearing and image to click to find out more below:

Omega Tri-Fidget Spinner With Premium Ceramic Bearing

4.       Hedbanz: Pretty much the latest version of celebrity heads. You can buy this from Target or Big W. Basiclly you have a headband with a card on your head that says what you are and you cant see the card but everyone else can. You have to ask questions to try and guess who or what you are.

Party Games:

1.       Pass the parcel: An oldie but a goodie. Some good suggestions from the kids on what to put in it…wiz fizz, lollipops, small keyrings……the main prize can be a colouring book with pencils (small). My suggestion as a parent it to put something in each layer or you will be there all day. Plus start with a small gift in the middle or otherwise the wrapping gets too big too early. Try and use a SMH (large paper) as this will be easier to wrap and you can alternate with coloured paper for effect. By the way this one is also good for big kids parties and baby showers!!

2.       Spin the Bottle Nailpolish: more of a girl game this one but basically you have 10 different coloured nailpolish bottles in a circle and in the middle there is one bottle. Each girl gets a turn to spin the bottle and whichever colour it points to she gets one fingernail painted that colour. Repeat until all have 10 fingers painted in a rainbow of colours!

3.       Cinnamon donut on a string: Tie string to a number of cinnamon donuts and hang each one separately from the ceiling. Each participant stands in front of the donut with hands behind their back. Ready, set, eat! The fastest person who eats the full donut without touching it or dropping it onto the floor wins.

Outdoor games:

1.       Teddy bear Skipping: get a rope and one person is skipping. Two people holding the skipping rope sing while the person skipping must do the actions:

·       Teddy bear, teddy bear ….touch the ground

·       Teddy bear, teddy bear……turn around……

·       Teddy bear, teddy bear ….tie your shoe…….

·       Teddy bear, teddy bear….that will do

·       Teddy bear, teddy bear….go up stairs

·       Teddy bear, teddy bear…..say your prayers

·       Teddy bear, teddy bear…..turn off the light

·       Teddy bear, teddy bear……say good night ?

2.       Hide and seek tip: One person counts to 30 and the others hide. When the person finishes counting to 30 they have to find the people hiding. When they spot them they have to tip them so they are next in.

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