5 secrets on how to juggle work and family life

My life is always a juggle, I’m sure much like yours. I work full time, I have 2 great kids (often cheeky) and an awesome hubby.

Life is hectic, and to enjoy life, you need to prioritise, and importantly, you need to look after yourself!

I have learnt a few tricks, tips and lessons along the way to answer the eternal question I often get asked, ‘how do you do it?’. Here are my 5 secrets to how I juggle work and family life:

  1. Learn to say NO. Don’t try to do everything. You will never please everyone and in the end, you will suffer. You will be much happier and enjoy the few things that are important in your life than spreading yourself so thin and ultimately wearing yourself out. An example was limiting the kids to one key activity they do on the weekend. Kids will do everything and expect it if you let them. I see so many parents battling to get their kids to multiple activities across the whole weekend, leaving no time for quality time together. Sometimes as parents we want for our kids what we didn’t have as kids. We need to stop and think, less is more.


  1. Don’t sweat the small things. Your standards and expectations before kids can rarely be kept up and life changes. It’s not a bad thing, you just need to let go and go with it. I used to love complete neatness. I have learnt to manage my expectation of this in my household and I go for clean versus always tidy. I am a lot more relaxed and let’s face it we live in a ‘home’ and not a ‘display home’.


  1. Say YES if people offer to help. I am a very independent and confident person. This is a great personality trait but sometimes you can fool yourself into thinking you are invincible and don’t need help. Give yourself a break and others will pleased you let them in. I love it now when we have friends over for a BBQ and I accept simple offers of salads or dessert. It takes a community to raise and support a family, so be open to it and enjoy life more!


  1. Find time for yourself. Whether this is running, reading, meditating or listening to music, find some time for your head space to clear. I have discovered running (and I’m bad at it) but this is my time to zone out and clear my head and refresh for the return to the craziness. I encourage you to find something that works for you and you will come back energised and happier.


  1. Prioritise spending some time with your friends. I know this sounds simple but life gets busy with work and family commitments, and you can lose sight of this. How many times do you catch up with your friends? Talking to likeminded friends about your life and everyday issues, is so important for your mental health. I love catching up with my best friend who also has kids, as she can relate to my world and my issues in life. It is so nice to know I am not the only one trying to juggle work and family life. It is energising and fun to talk and laugh about it. Don’t underestimate it!


I hope these few tips have helped. I would love to hear yours.

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  1. Great post Geraldine!